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Electric Space Heaters, What You Should Know!

Winter is upon us and many homeowners are supplementing heating their home with electric space heaters. However; before you plug that space heater in, take a moment to understand some important facts that can possibly save your property and more important your life.

Some sobering facts about electric space heaters according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Approximately 2,450 fires were caused by electrical space heaters

An estimated 48 people a year are killed because of electric space heaters
168 people a year are injured by electric space heaters

Electric space heaters cause 55 million dollars a year in property damage

Electric space heaters generally all use the same amount of wattage, 1500 watts when placed on high, and 750 watts when using the space heater on low. Basically space heaters are not the most efficient way to heat your home, this is important to understand because space heaters are only recommended for temporary and or emergency uses.

Because space heaters do use a lot of wattage it is important that the circuit used to power your space heater is of proper amperage and the breaker is a 20 amp breaker. No other appliance should be used on the circuit supplying power to the space heater.

When using an electric space heater it is important to abide by the following safety precautions

Choose an electric space heater that is equipped with a tip switch

The electric space heater is marked with Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Electric space heaters should be kept away from combustible materials such as curtains, rugs, furniture, and clothing

Never place electric space heaters near water

Keep away from children

Never use extension cords to power an electric space heater

Do not operate electric space heaters near flammable liquids such as, gas or kerosene

Never leave a running electric space heater unattended

Do not use electric space heaters in bedrooms as most bedrooms are wired on a 15 amp circuit, and an electric space heaters should only be plugged into a 20 amp circuit

Read and follow all manufactured instructions

Remember to take special precaution when ever using an electric space heater, your life and property depends on it.

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