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10 Tips for Saving Money on Your New HVAC System

Is your current HVAC system unreliable?

Tired of paying for expensive, emergency repairs?

Are you ready to upgrade to an energy efficient system?

You have come to the right place! We want to help you find the right contractor for your project. Use the list below to learn some useful tips for getting a good deal on a new heating and cooling system for your business.

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1. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency!

Sometimes, an unexpected system failure may lead you to make a rash hiring decision. You are more likely to overpay when you are working under a time crunch. If possible, try to replace your HVAC system before it becomes a real problem. You’ll have more time to comparison shop and weigh your options.

2. Do your research!

Before contacting any companies, do a little research on your own to learn about your different replacement options. If you live in a dry climate, you may want to learn more about evaporative coolers. If your region is humid, you may want to find out more about dehumidification options. As an educated buyer, you will more likely to ask the right questions and you can be more confident when making decisions. Asking other local business owners for referrals and recommendations is a good place to start.

3. Take advantage of tax incentives!

Did you know that there are variety of tax rebates available to companies who install energy efficient HVAC units? Ask your contractor if you are eligible for any of these tax credits. This can help offset some of the upfront costs.

4. Choose a properly sized unit.

Your contractor will calculate the appropriate heating and cooling load based on your building's size, use, and many other factors. There is no need to purchase an oversized heating or cooling unit. Oversized and undersized units are inefficient and tend to have a much shorter life expectancy.

5. Focus on efficiency.

By improving the energy efficiency of your building, you can help to lower the cost of your heating and cooling bills. You can do this by installing additional installation, sealing ducts, or replacing old weatherstripping. You may also want to ask your contractor about adding additional heating or cooling "zones" to your system. With multiple thermostats, you will have more control over the temperature in individual rooms or areas. You won't have to waste money heating rooms that are used infrequently.

6. Interview multiple contractors.

Take advantage of the fact that many commercial HVAC companies offer free on-site estimates. Comparison shopping can help you save money! See what type of equipment each contractor recommends and ask questions about the installation (and maintenance) of that system. How many units like this have they installed in the last year?

7. Don’t assume the lowest bid is the best offer.

Take your time to review each proposal by line item. Make sure that everything you need is included in writing. Price should not be the only factor in your decision making process. You want to make certain that you are working with an experienced, quality contractor.

8. Verify credentials and insurance.

You want to make sure the work is done correctly (and up-to-code). Is the contractor properly licensed in your state for commercial work? Do they have any references that you can contact? Have they provided proof of insurance? Taking a few extra minutes to verify this information can save you a world of trouble. You do not want to be liable if an accident were to occur in your place of business.

9. Don’t forget about long-term costs.

It’s important to consider the short-term and long-term costs of the system. Does the contractor offer any warranties? How much will it cost to operate and maintain this system on an annual basis? What will the monthly heating and cooling bills look like? What is the life expectancy of the system? A slightly more expensive unit may last 2-4 years longer than a cheaper one. It's important to consider all your options before making a final decision.

10. Preventative maintenance is key!

When installing a new system, you might want to consider signing a service contract with your HVAC contractor. A properly maintained system will last longer and perform more efficiently, saving you money over time.

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